Zoom Conference Call FAQs

How can I join the conference call?

  1. By Telephone

    All discussion groups use the following phone number: 1 929-205-6099 Once dialed, you will be prompted to enter in the unique meeting ID.

    Tech it Out: 468-325-263

    Hadley Growers: 448-101-015

    Writers' Circle: 837-861-970

    Embracing Braille: 726-631-757

    Spanish Chat: 537-787-837

    Get Up and Go!: 226-961-337

    Crafting: 387-215-782

    What's Cooking: 764-072-711

    Resource Roundtable: 437-585-202

    Travel Talk: 747-785-022

  2. By One-Tap Mobile Number (iPhone only)

    For iPhone users, select the one-tap mobile number to automatically dial-in to the virtual meeting room.

  3. Download Zoom application or plug-in on your computer

    Select the Zoom link. This will open up a new browser. A pop-up may ask you if you want to run or open Zoom Meetings. Select Yes. If that doesn't work, there will be a link on the screen that will allow you to download and run Zoom.

    Additional help from Zoom

  4. Download Zoom app on your smartphone
    Download from the Apple App Store
    Download from Google Play

How do I "raise my hand" during the conference call?

You can raise or lower your hand to let the facilitator know you would like to speak by using the following commands, based on how you joined the call.

  1. Telephone: ∗9
  2. Windows: ALT + Y
  3. Mac: Option + Y

Full list of keyboard shortcut commands for both Windows and Mac.