Spring Into Braille

Challenge yourself to read as much braille as you can from April 1 through May 31. You may be surprised at just how many pages you can read! You will also undoubtedly notice that over time your reading speed and accuracy improve as well.

Entering is as easy as 1,2,3.

  2. Find materials to read and get reading! Aside from braille course material, you can read whatever materials you'd like. If you need help finding braille resources, download these pages.
  3. Log your process: Log your books and number of pages read using this log.
    If you prefer a written log, please download and read this document. Alternate Reading Log and Mailing Instructions

What Counts for the Program:

  • Any form of braille
  • Any means of reading braille (touch or sight)
  • Any page size
  • Any number of words per page

What Doesn't Count:

  • Hadley course materials
  • Speech access

All participants will receive a certificate to show off to their friends! Read at least 100 pages, and your name will be entered into a random drawing. One participant from each of the following reading categories will win a $50 gift certificate to Future Aids, The Braille Superstore!

BONUS: If you are currently enrolled or complete a Hadley course during the duration of the program you will earn a Bonus Entry and your name will be entered an additional time. Learn more about enrolling in a Hadley course on our website Hadley.edu.

Spring into Braille Reading Categories

Seedling: 100 — 200 pages

Sprout: 201 — 500 pages

Bud: 501 — 1,000 pages

Bloom: 1,001 — 2,000 pages

Blossom: 2,001 pages plus

Completed reading logs must be received at Hadley by June 14, 2019. The random drawing will be held on July 1. Winners will be notified by email or telephone.


Can’t remember your username and/or password? Please email SpringIntoBraille@Hadley.edu . For other general questions about Spring Into Braille, please contact Debbie Siegel or Linn Sorge at 800-323-4238. For more advanced technical assistance, contact helpdesk@hadley.edu or call 800-323-4238, ext.6690