Using Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular computer programs in use today. Knowing how to create and use spreadsheets is an asset for anyone who is entering or reentering the workforce. Excel helps not only with tasks concerning numbers and computation, but also with organizational tasks such as keeping an address book, maintaining an inventory, and cataloging music. Students will use Excel version 2013 or later to manage and compute real-world data.
Prerequisites: Access to a PC with a Microsoft Windows operating system installed; The Microsoft Excel program (version 2013 or later); Familiarity with the keyboard and the ability to type; If you require it, access technology software and hardware, as well as the ability to use it; this can include a screen reader or screen magnification program, and hardware such as a braille display or video magnifier; The ability to send and receive email messages and attached files.
Course: BBS-113, Media: B, DTB, DTB-DL, LP, or OL, Lessons: 5

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