The Parenting Series—
Early Years

These courses are designed to discuss not only pregnancy, the first 12 months of a baby's life and ages one to five but also to give hints specific to blind and visually impaired parents. Although it is not required that an individual have a child of their own, it is helpful if they can think of the child of a friend or relative when answering some of the questions. Input from other parents through list serves can be a tremendous resource for support.

National Federation for the Blind
Blparent is a list serve available specifically for blind and visually impaired parents with children of all ages. Parents from anywhere in the world can subscribe to this active, interesting list.

Mamasource is a brief daily digest listing questions specific to the subscriber's zip code. Even mom owned businesses are listed. Moms have asked questions concerning everything from where to purchase a specific kind of stroller to how to deal with eating or sleeping patterns of a young child. Having the availability of such local resources is extremely helpful and interesting.

(Submitted by: Sharon Howerton; Last updated: August 13, 2009)

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