Computerized Braille for Sighted Braille Students

Sometimes it is difficult to know the right questions to ask because this can be very unfamiliar territory. This resources list will hopefully answer your questions and provide you with documents or links that can lead you to the right braille software program to fit your needs.

PC Users

Perky Duck is a computer program designed for sighted students who want learn braille through distance education. You can save Perky Duck braille files on your hard drive or any storage medium, so you can review your work or continue at a later time.

Braille2000 is a fully Internet-aware, making it as simple as a mouse click to send a braille document to a braille production center, to a school, to a blind student, or to a fellow transcriber.

Mac Users

Braille Writer Pro and Braille Writer Student for Mac OS X by Ethervision
Learn more:

iPad Users

Braille Pad Student by Ethervision
Learn more:
Download the App at:

Visual Brailler by APH
Learn more:
Download the App at:


If your instructor is sighted, you may also use a Perkins Brailler or Slate and Stylus to produce braille, then scan your braille pages and attach to the email. When photographing the braille pages, please make sure the photograph is clear and the entire page is photographed.

Follow these tips:

  • scan the pages by using scaners
  • takes trial and error
  • experimenting with lighting
  • making sure that no print is on the braille document

(Submitted by: Nafisa Keels; Last updated: February 1, 2015)

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