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Nebraska Commission for the Blind, Pathways to Independence Videos


This site offers the following training videos on independent living:

The Life You Choose

This video shows people who are visually impaired working in a variety of careers and activities, from horseback barrel racing to constructing canoes and parenting. The video details how the Orientation Center of the Nebraska Commission for the Blind assists with career and life goals. Training addresses the following skills: daily living, woodworking, travel, crafts, employment, communication, and home management.

General Referral Information

This video describes a number of resources, both local Nebraska ones and national ones, and gives contact information.

Cane Travel

This video describes types of canes and shows techniques for using the long white cane. It demonstrates ways to grip the cane appropriately, the two-point arc, synchronizing footsteps and arc, proper hand and elbow position, and how to maintain good posture. It examines environmental orientation and cues, getting in and out of a car, going up and down steps, correct use of the cane at street crossings, and using the cane on buses.


This video demonstrates how to assemble cooking items, center a pan, boil water, drain pasta or vegetables, set a timer, and peel and chop vegetables. It shows how to measure and mix, crack and separate eggs, fry, plug in appliances, pour, use an oven, test for doneness, measure liquids, follow a recipe, use a microwave, and use an indoor grill.

Shopping and Organizing the Kitchen

This video explores making the kitchen user-friendly, labeling, organizing the pantry and refrigerator, writing a grocery list, going to the store, and washing dishes.

Techniques of Daily Living

This video demonstrates how to vacuum carpets, sweep and mop floors, clean the bathroom and kitchen, clean windows or mirrors, dust furniture, make a bed, and iron. It shows how to manage transportation, mark and operate appliances, organize and coordinate clothing, dine confidently, identify medications, and use the telephone.

Personal Information Management

This video presents ways to organize a calendar, identify and handle money, manage information, and vote.


This video identifies uses for uncontracted braille and shows how to read and write the alphabet, numbers, and some punctuation symbols. It demonstrates how to use the braille slate and stylus.

Braille Institute's Sound Solutions Audio Recordings

Independent Living

These audio recordings offer practical tips and encouragement for living life as independently as possible. Topics include using the senses, dealing with emotions, cooking, housekeeping, keeping healthy, leisure activities, communication, and rights and responsibilities.

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