SLATE AND STYLUS Interruptions

QUESTION: What should I do when I'm working with the slate and stylus and I get interrupted?

When interrupted, lift the top half of the slate a little bit. Put the point of the stylus into the next blank cell as far as it will go. The bottom of the wooden handle will be against the opening of the cell. Angle the point toward the hinge and angle the top towards the free, open end. Set the top of the slate down gently. It will be held up a little by the stylus. If it is not disturbed, the stylus will stay in place, marking the next blank cell.

As an alternative: Have a small sticky note handy. When you are interrupted, put your finger on the next blank cell. With the other hand, place a sticky note so that a corner points to your finger. If you use your left hand to place the sticky note, point with the top right corner. If you use your right hand to place the sticky note, point with the top left corner.

Other Alternatives: You can use a toothpick to hold your place or masking tape.

(Submitted by: Susan Fisher; Last updated: May 24, 2013)

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