Stylus Grasp

Which hand to use: Left-handed?

Some left-handed students hold the stylus with the right hand. Try using your right hand for the stylus.

If you can't use the right hand for the stylus, it's OK. Use the left for the stylus.

The hand holding the stylus is the writing hand.

The other hand is the guiding hand.


  1. With the guiding hand, hold the stylus. Rounded top up; metal shaft pointing down.
  2. Hold your writing hand out flat, palm down.
  3. Find your index finger (the one next to thumb) Find the part that is biggest and nearest your hand.
  4. Put the rounded top of the stylus under the big part of your index finger near your hand.
  5. Bend the index finger over the stylus.

    The biggest part stays on top; the rest of the finger points down toward the stylus tip.
  6. Let your thumb and the rest of your fingers relax. They point down and can guide the metal part of the stylus.
  7. Put your guiding hand down on the slate or on a piece of paper.

    Lightly rest the tip, end of the stylus next to the end of a guiding finger.

    Notice that you can push the stylus down with the biggest part of your index finger.

    Notice that your writing hand can easily keep the stylus upright

Now you are in a good position to write braille with the stylus.

Practice holding the stylus this way. Then put a piece of paper in the slate and try some writing.

(Submitted by: Susan Fisher; Last updated: May 24, 2013)

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