Identifying and Marking Clothing

In the Hadley courses Independent Living and Using Raised Markers, ways to organize, mark and identify clothing are discussed. There is no right or wrong way—whatever works for you is fine, but I would like to suggest some things to consider to lessen dependence on others.

Some persons organize clothing according to style and occasion of use. Others hang outfits together or place index cards on the hangers and mark the cards with raised markers or Braille. The problem with hanging outfits together or using hanger cards is, not only do yu need to be able to identify the clothing when it is on a hanger, but also in a pile of laundry. For that reason, it is better to actually mark each item of clothing.

To mark garments, you can sew on different shaped buttons or sew French knots in the shape of Braille dots, or mark clothing with puff paint. If you do not sew, then you need to get a sighted person to sew for you and/or also use the puff paint.

One of the easiest ways to mark clothing is to use a system of safety pins placed in different locations in the clothing to signify different colors. For example, if something is navy, put the pin in the left waist band or shoulder seam of the garment. For red, use the right waist band or shoulder seam. Light blue can go to the right of the tag in the back of the garment; green to the left of the tag; pink on the tag and yellow above the tag. Adapt this method to whatever colors you like to wear. This system is quick, easy, involves no sewing and you can even take pins to the store with you and mark as you buy!

(Submitted by: Patti Jacobson; Last updated: August 17, 2009)

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