Low Vision and School-Age Children Resources

Eye Conditions

For more information on the eye conditions discussed in this lesson, read the following articles, in PDF format, by Frances Liefert, an O&M specialist and TVI at the California School for the Blind (2008). They were written for the Utah State University course "Introduction to Low Vision."


The following interviews provide firsthand insight on how students cope with and manage their low vision.

Low Vision Simulators

This handout explains how to make three types of low vision simulators:

  • a field loss simulator, which demonstrates "tunnel vision" or other peripheral field losses
  • a media opacity simulator, which replicates conditions such as cataracts and corneal opacities
  • a simulator that replicates legal blindness, or 20/200 vision

(Submitted by: Judy Matsuoka; Last updated: February 13, 2012)

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