Free Interactive, Self-Paced JAWS Training

Following are resources to obtain additional JAWS training. All resources listed are completely free and provide the opportunity for interactive and/or independent training.

The Hadley School for the Blind

The following courses are offered by the Hadley School for the Blind and are available in Braille, large print, audio cassette or digital talking book and online:

  • Access Technology: Beginnings*
  • Word Processing
  • Using Excel
  • Outlook/Outlook Express Resource Guide

*Open to students in the Hadley School for Professional Studies (HSPS) and the Family program.

The following courses are available as online courses only:

  • Internet Basics
  • Internet: Beyond the Basics

For more information, visit the Hadley web site at:


Stay tuned for upcoming Seminars@Hadley on a variety of technology-related topics. Visit the Past Seminars page and listen to previous seminars providing instruction on JAWS and other technology topics.

Freedom Scientific/JAWS Training

Freedom Scientific has built-in an extensive list of training material directly in to the JAWS program. To access a list of training:

  1. Open the JAWS menu (Insert+j).
  2. Open the Help menu (Alt+h).
  3. Select Training (t).
  4. A Windows opens displaying all of the training files available. Opening any of these files will launch the FS Reader DAISY player and enable you to listen to the training material.

Here's a list of some of the Training topics available:

  1. JAWS Basic Training
  2. Office 2007 with MAGic and JAWS
  3. Creating Excel forms with input messages
  4. Custom labels in Word
  5. JAWS and MAGic Introduction to Vista
  6. Laptop keystrokes with JAWS

For a free interactive, self-paced tutorial on how to use JAWS on the Internet, access the "Surf's Up: Surfing the Internet" training.

  1. Open the JAWS menu (Insert+j)
  2. Open the Help menu (Alt+h).
  3. Select Web Resources and open the sub-menu.
  4. Select Surfing the Internet (i).

Following is a list of the free training resources available from the Freedom Scientific web site under Training:
  1. Research It (DAISY book)
  2. JAWS 11 Basic Training
  3. PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 Training with JAWS and MAGic
  4. Creating Accessible Forms in Excel Using Input Messages (DAISY book)
  5. Introduction to Vista for JAWS and MAGic
  6. JAWS Navigation Quick Keys in Microsoft Word
  7. RSS Feeds on the Web

FSCast - Podcasts from Freedom Scientific for Blind and Vision Impaired Individuals

FSCast is Freedom Scientific's monthly podcast. Hosted by Jonathan Mosen, Vice President of Blindness Hardware Product Management, FSCast features news, interviews, and product demonstrations relating to Freedom Scientific products. FSCast is a great way to make the most of the products you have as well as learning about what's new and what's around the corner.

Microsoft Office Training - Microsoft Office Online

Visit the following Microsoft web site for free video and step-by-step training on all Microsoft products. Although not all of the training material is completely accessible, users can obtain useful information and develop skills.

POPCasts and Webinars

The following web sites run frequent webinars and include POPCasts and past webinars on a range of technology-related topics including some JAWS training:

Accessible World

(Submitted by: Amy Salmon; Last updated: March 5, 2010)

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