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  • Container Gardening Series

    Whether you have a green thumb, or would like to develop one, you can learn practical tips about starting a container garden in your home.
  • Games Series

    Keep playing the games you love, no matter your level of vision.
  • Birds and Bird Songs Series

    Vision doesn't matter when the best possible way to get to know your feathered friends is through their songs.
  • Sports and Exercise Series

    If you're looking to increase your level of physical activity, finding the right support and learning some helpful tips are essential, no matter your level of vision.
  • Crafting Series

    Vision loss doesn't need to put an end to your knitting, crocheting or other crafts. But you may need to approach these hobbies slightly differently.
  • Sewing Series

    Learn new ways to thread a needle and get back to sewing and mending.

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