Hadley Woman's Board

Hadley Woman's Board

Hadley Woman's Board, established in 1953, has been a vital source of personal and financial support for the organization, and it is responsible for over $5 million in contributions.

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For more information about Hadley Woman’s Board events and volunteer opportunities, please contact Sara Ridder, Hadley Woman's Board President, at sararidder@gmail.com.

Executive Committee

Sara Ridder

Sara Ridder

Vice President
Mindy Rendell

Mary Nelson

Betty Finken

Assistant Treasurer
Kelly Lundin

Committee Chairs

Benefit 2020
Sara Ridder

Benefit 2021
Tracie Michalek
Betty Finken
Meg Phelan

Holiday Cards
Angela Connor
Susan Marren

Beth Sawyer

Mary Womsley

Suzy Parks

Teen Board
Jennifer Bisceglia
Suzette Bernstein

Social Media
Jessica Rosien


Active Members

Mrs. Stephen G. Ashmore
Nancy Bedwell
Suzette Bernstein
Jennifer Bisceglia
Kate Brower
Teresa R. Cannon*
Mrs. Jerome A. Castellini*
Mrs. Angela W. Connor
Ashley Eckman
Betty Finken
Sandra C. Forsythe
Susan R. Gould*
Kathleen Greene Brower
Julie Heldring
Mrs. J. William Holland
Donna Keller
Shari H. Kvam
Vickie L. Lockridge
Kelly Lundin
Connie McClain
Susan Marren
Anne Merriman*
Tracie Michaelek
Lynne D. Montgomery*
Roni Moore Neumann
Lori Mulhern*
Mary Nelson
Anne O'Brien Prager
Lisa O'Rourke
Suzanne M. Parks*
Susan Pelletier
Meg Phelan
Carol Rasmus
Mindy Rendell
Sara Ridder
Jessica Rosien
Beth Sawyer
Stacy Smith
Katherine B. Stevens
Priscilla Swenson
Kristie Warden
Mrs. William H. Welch
Mrs. Rob Womsley
Mrs. Charles E. Young*

Associate Members

Mrs. Ronald L. Allen
Vicki Garrison Apatoff
Sarah B. Barden*
Elvira M. Butz
Jeanne M. Denison*
Annette G. Dezelan
Mrs. Byram E. Dickes*
Nancy F. Doyle
Christy S. Fowler
Mrs. Raymond E. George, Jr.
Mrs. Charles R. Hall
Mrs. Clarence Boyd Jones
Mrs. Walter Kasten II*
Mrs. Robert E. Kehoe, Jr.
Mrs. Donald J. Keller
Catherine King
Mrs. J. Scott Kreissl
Mrs. Jon R. Lind, Sr.
Mrs. Roger E. Lumpp
Mrs. James A. McClung
Christine M. Myers
Ann H. Nash
Pamela Peters*
Kim Peterson
Mrs. David D. Peterson, Jr.
Betsey L. Puth*
Deborah C. Schulz*
Beth Skalla
Mrs. Jackson W. Smart, Jr.
Jennifer S. Weaver*
Mrs. Weston K. Whiteman
Mrs. Charles P. Wise, Jr.

* Past President


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