A Blogging We Will Go: Part 2

Lisa Salinger, Hadley's Access Technology Specialist took us through the basic steps of setting up a blog using the accessible platform WordPress. Participants shared their own blog experiences, questions and aspirations.

February 11, 2020

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Audio Transcript


Writer's Circle - A Blogging We Will Go Part 2

Presented by Debbie Worman and Diane O'Neill

February 11, 2020

Debbie W: Welcome, everybody to our February session on Writers' Circle where we are continuing our discussion on blogging. I'm Debbie Worman. I'm a learning expert at Hadley and I facilitate the Writers' Circle Discussion Group, the Hadley Growers Discussion Group and the Resource Roundtable Discussion Group. To learn more about those discussion groups, go to the Hadley website. And my co-host is Diane O'Neill. Diane, you want to go ahead and introduce yourself?

Diane O: Hi. I'm Diane. I've worked at Hadley almost 18 years, and in my other life I'm a creative writer. I have an MFA in creative writing, and I've had about 20 things published here and there. So, I'm always really happy to help out here at the Writers' Circle. This is a great group.

Debbie W: Yeah, and we're glad to have you. You're a great addition with all your expertise and experience. Last month, we dabbled a little bit on writer blogs. We had the three A's; Annie, Anne and Alice. And then Abby joined us, so we were the four A's. They talked a lot about their blogs and why they did blogs as writers and what that meant to them. If you want to revisit that, you can go to the Hadley website and listen to the archives. It prompted a discussion. People were really interested in blogging and I think there's a lot of people out there that want to know how to start a blog, and is it easy? Is it hard? Someone who's new to visual impairment or new to a computer may find it difficult to start and what we've all learned is that WordPress is a platform that's pretty accessible.

So Diane and I reached out to Lisa Salinger who is the access technology specialist here at Hadley, and she agreed to do a little research for us and do a little presentation tonight for us on how to set up a blog using the platform WordPress. Just by way of introduction, Lisa is totally blind. She's been blind since birth. Relatively new to Hadley. How long have you been at Hadley now, Lisa?

Lisa S: I started this past June.

Debbie W: Okay. So, you're still a newbie in my book.

Lisa S: I am.

Debbie W: Somebody who's been at Hadley 32 years myself, you're still a newbie. So welcome.

Lisa S: I still don't know who to contact if I have this or that problem, so I consider myself a newbie as well.

Debbie W: Okay. Lisa comes naturally to the Writers' Circle. She dabbles a bit in writing herself and she's tried blogging in the past. And so, we're very glad she could join us tonight. So, Lisa, let's get you started. Go ahead, Lisa.

Lisa S: Okay. I'm very pleased to be here and pleased to have been asked. I have blogged in the past. I've blogged on a platform called LiveJournal, and I enjoy it. I've participated in a few writing competitions. I've won the stray thing here or there although it's been awhile. I stopped blogging because I really didn't feel like I had any content that was overly unique to share, and I didn't really feel like I knew my audience. Was I writing for family and friends? Was I writing for acquaintances? I felt like I was all over the place and I wanted to concentrate my efforts in a different place.

Another bit of failed, not failed, but not right for me background information. For a while I had a sad and sorry little website, and that website was running WordPress and that is different than a WordPress blog. So basically, a blog, it's short for web log and it's basically just an online journal. So if you want to write for your eyes and your ears only, you can do that whether you're using pencil and paper, whether you're doing audio, whether you are doing braille or whether you're writing on a computer and it's just not going onto the internet and seeing the light of day. But this generally is online, so you need to find a place to put it.

And generally, when people hear about WordPress, it's kind of unfortunate because they start out being confused. Now, I want to stress the fact that the process of setting up a blog is different than the process of blogging. Think of it like car ownership. Some people want to know everything, and they may even buy an old car and restore it, and they know the carburetor from the catalytic converter, god bless, and I can barely say it. And so, they're very into the whole process. Driving is just kind of the end result, but they love everything from beginning to end. And when their car breaks down, they're mister or miss fix it.

It is no less admirable, it's just in my opinion, a different path. If you have a car and it breaks down, to take it to a shop. While we will go through a little bit about the process of setting up a blog, please know that we are only scratching the surface. From a personal standpoint, and I say this just so you know where my blog is going, I have a sample blog that I've created for this. I don't have any intentions of picking it back up. One thing I tried to do is upload a picture and it wouldn't go. If I were going to blog seriously, I would need to think about, "Okay, do I want to spend a lot of time researching this or do I want to get someone to do it for me."

If you're editing and you're posting a blog, those kinds of things, you're going to want to be able to do for yourself. But if you're not technical, I would really encourage you not to let the lack of technical knowledge keep you from creating a blog. If you need to watch someone's kiddos for a couple hours and they set up your blog or if you need to pay the neighborhood eight-year-old, yes, it's gotten that bad, to set up your blog, you may want to do that. You may not, but I think sometimes we're full of judgments about what we should do, and we judge ourselves more harshly than others might.

So now I'm going to give you some references and some information that is more concrete in nature and this is all going to be in the show notes. One of the things that you're going to need to know how to do when you create a blog is to navigate a web page. And sometimes if you just use the arrow or you use the tab key, you're going to be there for a very long time. You can learn to navigate by headings and lists and things, and if you do not know how to do this already, one source I recommend is a tutorial called Stress Less, Browse Happy by Mystic Access.

She talks about moving by headings and from fields and combo boxes. This is just something that would help you become more comfortable with the web in general. Let's say that you want to blog, but you have someone who can help you and they don't use WordPress. Maybe they use LiveJournal, or they use Blogspot or whatever. These things will still help you learn the web and be comfortable in pretty much any blogging environment.

Mystic Access also offers one-on-one training in WordPress whether that be wordpress.com or wordpress.org, and I'll explain that in just a moment. The other thing they have is basically a self-study course in the use of WordPress as it applies to setting up a website that's called Your Website, Your Way. Now, that is a little bigger in scope than many of you may need. What you really need to do before you start creating your blog is you need to figure out what you want. For example, do you just want a blog the end, amen? Or, do you want to be able to sell things on your website?

Maybe you blog and you do motivational speaking, or you've published books and you want to sell those from your site. That would be a business website and that would be a little different. So, if you're using WordPress, there are two places where you would go to get started. And others have expressed this much better than I. There is an article that we've linked to that talks a little bit about the differences, but wordpress.com is just for your blog. Wordpress.org, you need to set up an account there and you can use their themes and their templates and such in the creation of your website.

With a wordpress.com site, which is what we're going to be talking about tonight, setup is easier and it's more basic, but you can't make money from it and you don't own content. If you are putting your copyrighted works up there, then you will likely want to set up an actual website, and not just a blog on WordPress. And again, there are people who can do everything from setting it up for you and just showing you what to do to guiding you through the process of setting it up yourself. There are books, there are resources, and you would just need to do an online search for those.

So, let's talk a little bit about setting up a blog on wordpress.com. I went to wordpress.com and I located a button called Get Started, and I pressed enter. It's going to ask you for a username, an email and a password. Now, I want to talk briefly about the username. When you post a blog post, it's going to say posted by whatever your username is. It's trite and I find if I read too many of them, I get irritated, but my well of ideas was dry. So, I have created a blog for Gracie who is a new addition to my life. She's a little Pomeranian and I've had her about two months. I tried various usernames and I couldn't get one that I wanted, and I finally settled on Gracie the Pom Speaks.

So basically, first I tried Gracie Speaks and when I tabbed after typing in Gracie Speaks, it said that username is already taken. So, I went back, and I did Gracie The Pom Speaks. Now, when I did it, I wrote capital G for Gracie, capital T for the, capital P for Pom, and capital S for speaks thinking it would read it better. When I went back and reviewed it had stripped my capitals. It is not a case sensitive username. After I did that, and I submitted the information, I received an email asking me to validate.

Now, I don't know what was going on there because I had to do that like three times before I actually got a message saying I was validated. I feel badly about this because the process of creating it was not completely smooth. And I should say too that while I have blogged, I've never blogged on wordpress.com. So, this was kind of good because I was approaching it as a newbie. There were some bumps in the process and that was one of them.

Then it asked me what kind of site are you building? I chose the one that said... I'm trying to get my Braille display to cooperate, Blog, share and discuss ideas, updates or creations. It was a button and there were other ones. There were business and eCommerce things like that. And some of those you automatically would have had to pay and they're also wanting to find out so that they can help you in finding a domain name or I guess it would be considered a domain.

They then ask what your blog would be about, and they had some subjects; travel, leisure, health, whatever. And I didn't really feel that any of them fit, so I typed in pets. So now when I get to the blog, it says Welcome to My Pets Blog, and it's not P-E-T apostrophe S, it's like pets plural, all about pets. So, the subject that you use will be kind of displayed on your page.

Okay. Then they wanted to know my blog's name and because each address is different, there could already be half a dozen blogs labeled Gracie Speaks, but in this case it didn't matter. I wrote Gracie space Speaks and I did capitalize it and that's how it shows. The irony is we've been working on barking and so I almost called it Gracie Speaks dot, dot, dot and speaks, and speaks, but I did not.

Okay, this was frustrating. I went around in circles for about an hour and I ended up calling Aira and she was confused and finally we found it. So, I had to choose a domain and so there was Gracie Speaks dot.... I'm just making them up here because I don't remember but like dot Me, dot Edu. Now, I would have had to pay for this, but I could have gotten graciespeaks.dog which I thought was cute. But the thing that I heard about the big deal was that this was free, and so basically, they listed the free one, but it was down in the list of possible names.

So, you might hear, this one is $8.95 a month, this one is $4.95 a month. You just have to keep going down the list until you find their suggestion and the one that is free. So, then my blog was set up and I could see the web address, and if you want to see kind of a bare-bones blog with one whole post that I wrote. There are two auto-generated ones, but if you want to see a very bare-bones blog, you can go to www.graciespeaks, all one word, dot art, dot blog.

Once you have created your site, you can do a couple things. You can get help with customizing the layout and adding pictures and colors and things. You will need to post, write a post and what I find its easiest to do... I don't always do this, but what I find its easiest to do is to open Word or notepad or whatever and write my post in there and then just copy and paste into the edit box. From there, you would go to publish, and you could choose various things before that. You can choose to add italic and bold and various attributes.

You can also decide when you want it published. So, let's say that you have a blog for working moms. So, you want it to come out every Friday at 5:00 because conceivably the moms will be off work and might have time to read over the weekend. But, let's say that you are going to be away, or you don't want to write on Friday at 5:00, I certainly necessarily don't. You could be finished at Wednesday morning it 3:52 a.m. and you can still set it to publish for 5:00 p.m. on Friday.

I am not going into a lot of the minutiae of the process because things change. For example, I had an article that I wanted to use on the differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. And between the three hours that I found it and sent it to Debbie and Diane, and they looked at it, the page was removed. It's not the rule, it is the exception, but it does happen, and browsers change, and screen readers change, and so the way the information is presented will vary.

I did try two different browser configurations when doing this just to make sure that the process was similar, and it was reliable. I did NVDA with Firefox, the most recent update and then the most recent update of JAWS with Google Chrome and tonight before we started, I went through and just took a quick look with Microsoft Edge and JAWS and that looks fine as well. So, you really do have a lot of options and I think it's good to kind of do some thinking before you start to have a game plan. What do I want to do? Do I want to learn how to set this stuff up or do I just want to hit the ground writing so to speak? I hope the information, although basic is a helpful place to get started.

Debbie W: Well Lisa, thank you so much. I think that's a good introduction to WordPress, and you're taking us through the steps. I liked the beginning when you were talking about the car. I thought that was a good thing because I think although some people are real car geeks and that they want to get their hands dirty and other people just want to drive it into the Honda dealer like I do, fix it. So that was a good analogy.

A couple points that I will make based on last month's discussion for people who are writers, and if you're wanting to write and be known as a writer and maybe you're already published and you want people to find your blog, it probably is not a good idea to get too cutesy with a name. Maybe you just want to use your name so that will help people find you. That's one point that we talked about last month and then I also want to say that I appreciate Lisa, you're sharing your frustrations.

I think when we're taking about something like this, we all have to remember anything worth doing is going to sometimes be challenging and we must have patience. So, if you don't get it right the first time that's okay. If you have to ask for help, that's okay. I think, Lisa your point about really want to hit the road writing or do you want to get caught up in all the technology. So those were good points. Okay. Let's open the discussion room for questions. Anne, how did I know that Anne, would be the first? I love your enthusiasm, Anne. I say that lovingly. Okay, Anne. Go ahead.

Anne: Lisa, I just wanted to let you know I started my blog, oh my gosh nine years ago, maybe 10 years ago by now. When I started, I had no idea what I was doing. I got it set up and kind of messed up with the name, but then I had a friend help me get started with my blog. And I just recently in the past couple years updated mine to a website on the wordpress.com site. So, you can pay for the premium plan with a domain.

Debbie W: Thank you, Anne. That's good information. That's good information to have.

Michael: All right, thank you. Hey, Lisa. I have a question for you on the wordpress.com. I am an active blogger and I use my phone to blog, but I tried the desktop web version and every time I can't even keep track of with all those [inaudible]. I am a power user of JAWS, but the web version of the WordPress is not as accessible to me, I'm sorry to say. I've been a blogger since 2019.

Debbie W: Lisa, you have any recommendations for Michael?

Lisa S: Unfortunately, Michael, I don't. The WordPress site is pretty cluttered. Again, you might want to move by those form fields or by headings. There is an iPhone app. I have not looked at it. I have not really looked at the iOS version. I don't believe, for anyone who's interested, that that is what you would use to create to set up your blog. I think that's more what you would use when you post, but you might find that that is a little less cluttered perhaps. Otherwise definitely use your heading navigation. You can press H and shift H. You can press F and shift F as in "form" to go by form fields, things like that and that may help you.

Michael: Thank you.

Debbie W: Also, Michael, WordPress also has an accessibility blog that we talked about last month. So maybe if you reached out and contact them, they might be able to give you some pointers. So, if you go to the show notes from last month, you'll find that link to their accessibility blog. That might be an option as well.

Michael: Sounds good. Thank you.

Debbie W: Okay. Thanks, Michael. Abby, you want to go ahead?

Abby: Sure. Thank you. A couple quick things. First, I just want to put in a plug for the Mystic Access Stress Less web browsing tutorial. I did purchase that even though I've been using the web for years. I learned some things I didn't know and actually some of the tips I learned from Kim on that tutorial have made my blogging life a lot easier as far as navigating the page where you submit your post. So, it's really been helpful to me. And Michael, you were mentioning, or somebody was mentioning the iPhone app. I don't use it myself, but I have a totally blind friend in Kingsport, Tennessee who's actually my marketing guru so to speak.

She's got her own marketing business. I don't think she created her blog with an iPhone app, but she does do a lot of blogging with it on her blog and social media. So apparently the iPhone app is very accessible as far as creating and posting blog posts.

Debbie W: Carol, you want to go ahead please?

Carol: Oh, thank you. I have been trying to create my blog using MacBook and iPad. Has anyone had experience with using those kinds of products to set up the blog? I find it fairly easy to go through, but I have not found two items that I was told would be on it. One is a line that they asked for to describe your blog and the other one is when they get that whole list of these companies then say, "Do you want this one, that one?" I want all the way then. I never did find one that was free. So those are my two questions?

Debbie W: Okay. And they'll certainly sound like spending all that time searching for something can sure be frustrating, can it, Carol?

Carol: Yes.

Debbie W: Yeah. So, if anybody has answer for Carol, please reach out, put your hand up and give her an answer. Maybe we won't find one tonight but we'll think about it and see what we can come up with. Anybody have experience with Mac or iPad and setting up a blog? Thanks, Carol. Thanks for your questions. Rebecca, you want to go ahead please.

Rebecca: Yes, thank you. First, I want to say thank you to the teachers and to Lisa. Thank you for all your help and thank you to all four of the bloggers that joined us last time. Your feedback was great, it was amazing. I have two questions. First, I wanted to take some writing classes so how long do you recommend me to do that before I decide to start blogging?

Debbie W: Diane, you want to jump in on that one?

Diane O: Yeah. I think I saw your question earlier.

Rebecca: Yeah. Thank you.

Diane O: That's really up to you. You could start blogging right away and just the process of writing, you're going to learn to write better. That's how we all get better by doing it. I think that's the one for getting better as a writer to write. But at the same time, I think we're all trying to get better. I don't think there's any writer, JK Rowling, Stephen King, every writer is you're always on a search to get better. So, taking online classes is a great idea.

Rebecca: So, do you think it's better to do the writing classes first and then the WordPress study course that Lisa recommended or what do you think is better to do first?

Diane O: Diane speaking. I think you might want to know how to get to do the blogging. I mean, it's kind of two separate things really. But whenever you feel that you're ready to actually do the blog, whether you're having it somebody else setting it up for you or you do that yourself, I think it's up to you when you'd actually want to start actually putting your work out there because go by how you feel. If you're really excited and you want to get started right away, go ahead. If you'd rather do some more work on your writing and feel more confident about it, that's fine too. Either way, it's totally up to you and either way it's exciting. Good luck with it. And remember what the other person said though. If you put it on the blog, you may not be able to publish it in other places. Just always have that in the backend.

Rebecca: Yes, absolutely. Thank you so much.

Debbie W: Rebecca, thank you. I commend Becca for raising her hand tonight. She and I practice raising hand in a pre-session earlier and so if anybody ever wants to do that, that you're hesitant using Zoom and you just want to practice, email me. I'd be happy to do that with you because we like as many people as possible to participate so you can always email me at my last name Worman, So worman@hadley.edu. And I'd be happy to practice with you. So, Rebecca, good for you. I'm glad you were able to join us. Good question tonight. Thank you so much.

Rebecca: Likewise.

Diane O: And that's an excellent question also.

Debbie W: And we've talked about it in Writers' Circle before. You become a better writer the more you write and anybody who has ever had me as an instructor at Hadley in the English courses, I repeatedly said that. The more you write, the better you become. As Diane said, every writer, even the most famous writers practice, practice. So good question. Anne, you have another question or comment? Anne, go ahead please.

Anne: No, I actually wanted to answer Elizabeth's question. Lisa may be muted or whatever, but I'll address something that Lisa said. If you use the free domain like your username or your blog name dot wordpress.com or your blog name dot art or dot blog or whatever, the free one you use. No, you do not all own the content. But if you pay for the domain whether it's on wordpress.com or wordpress.org, you do own the content.

Debbie W: Okay. Thanks, Anne. I could always count on you. Thank you so much.

Anne: No problem. Okay. Go ahead, Annie.

Annie: Actually, I want to thank everybody for putting all this together tonight, Debbie and Diane and Lisa. And being someone who is a baby boomer and having to remember passwords and domain names, it can be a little bit intimidating. So, I just wanted to share a little helpful hint. You can create a document on your computer with all the information you need for your website and your domain name, even your password because there are going to be times where you may or may not remember everything. I mean to be honest, yeah.

Debbie W: Isn't that the truth?

Annie: Yeah. Just part of that is be kind to yourself, back up your information in a way that's easily accessible to you and your computer is password protected and things like that. So, backup all your information and that'll help you actually feel less anxious about jumping into cyberspace and creating the blog itself.

Debbie W: Great advice, Annie. For somebody that does a wonderful blog, Annie's blog site will be in the show notes. That's a good place to visit. Thank you, Annie.

Annie: You're welcome.

Lisa S: Three quick things. I'm losing track of people and names and such, but the person who asked about would you do the Mystic Access tutorial before or after, I would say if you're going to take a writing class, if you're going to set up a blog, whatever, this will give you some advanced things but it's very foundational. I think it was Abby that she had been using the web a long time. I teach using the web and I learn stuff. So, it really is very helpful.

The other thing I did want to mention in my presentation, and I forgot was that if you do sign up especially for the free site, you know what they say, nothing in life is free, you will get emails from WordPress. I haven't counted them but I'm guessing that on average I'm getting about 12 to 18 a week. And there may be a way to customize that and scale them back and there may not, I don't know but I just wanted to let you know that by default that might be a thing.

Debbie W: Okay. Thank you, Lisa. And before... Well, I have you. Thank you again for your time tonight. It is much appreciated.

Lisa S: My pleasure. Also, if people want to contact me, they can write to lisa@hadley.edu. We pretty much are at the limits of my knowledge about WordPress, but if I can help, I'll be happy to do so.

Debbie W: Thank you for offering that. It's appreciated. Okay, area code 904, ending in 403, let me unmute you. What's your first name please?

Nell: It's Nell, N-E-L-L.

Debbie W: Okay. Hi, Nell. Are you new to Writers' Circle?

Nell: Hi. Yeah, I've tapped into some of the archived ones, but this is my first-time calling in.

Debbie W: Okay, welcome. Thanks for speaking up. Glad to have you.

Nell: First, I am a writer. I've been writing since I was, god, 12 and I'm 42 now.

Debbie W: Oh, you people are me do math tonight.

Nell: Yeah. So, it's been 20, 30 years, something like that. I do have a blog and it's called nellscafe.blogspot.com and the actual name of it is to still search caf. I haven't been writing lately so it's kind of bland over there right now. But to answer, I think it was... was it Rebecca? I can't remember her name now. But to answer your question about whether you should take classes or not, first of all, I think that's a personal decision as far as taking classes. I do have an MFA, a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and that was probably... It was very difficult for me to start writing again. Let me put it that way.

So, if you're going to take classes develop a very hard shell because people are not.... It's not going to be the most gracious experience ever. People are not kind, not always anyway and I had some really bad experiences with it. However, the online classes are very good. There's a blog called therightpractice.com and Joe Bunting is awesome. I really enjoy his blog and I really enjoy learning from him. He has a lot of free stuff on his website. But I took his launching class and it was awesome. So, I mean there are some pretty good places out there and I just say that be careful and make sure you develop a hard shell, and just enjoy it. I say write. Just like everybody else said, just write.

Debbie W: That's wonderful advice now. Thank you so much and thanks for joining us tonight. I think your advice as well, rightpractice.com is excellent. Thank you for mentioning that. And I think writers have to have a hard shell and I think we have to remember to enjoy what we're doing.

Taylor: Okay. Can you hear me?

Debbie W: Yes.

Taylor: I had a question about... I guess, you guys might really have to do a copywriting one because I did a short poem, I did it for a contest. I can't remember what it was for. I didn't get it published but if I've already used a poem for something, can I not use it on a blog?

Diane O: Diane speaking. I think you can use anything on a blog. It's more if you're using a blog, you might not be able to use it on your site. I think you would still own it. As long as you own it, you could put it on a blog. It's just if you put on a blog you may not be able to publish it. I don't know about anybody else out there, but I think that's what I understand.

Taylor: Okay, yeah, because I have the free version, the free WordPress and that comment earlier about you don't own anything when you're on the free, that was interesting. I'm like what then?

Debbie W: Okay. Well, thank you, Taylor. Thanks for joining us tonight.

Taylor: Yes.

Debbie W: 414. Area code 414 ending in 686, go ahead please.

Alice: Hello. This is Alice and I joined the call late when Carol was asking her question. And in response to what Lisa said, I've had my blog since January of 2013 and I don't think I have received more than one or two emails from WordPress a year if that, and I do have the free version. Of course, when I first set it up in '13, I did not realize what is being said and shared tonight about the free version, but I do not receive those emails that Lisa was mentioning. So just who people are aware of that, and I'm glad I was able to join you at least for the last part of the meeting tonight.

Debbie W: Thanks, Alice. Thanks for those comments. I appreciate it. It's sometimes those little gremlins I think do something for one person and not the other. I think they're out there and we have to be careful about them. Sunshine, I want to try to unmute you. I want to get to you. There you go, Sunshine.

Sunshine: Thank you. Yes, I want to echo what's been said about taking classes and doing the blog. I also took creative writing classes in college. A couple of them made me want never to write again. So if you want to write, and this is for anyone, if you want to write, try to get your mind set to where you are writing for yourself not writing for somebody else to tell you how good a writer you are. Because, the people like some of my writing who would probably say they know nothing at all about writing. So, write for yourself as has been said already.

And a quick question, is there any protocol if you set up a blog and you start posting on a blog page, is there any protocol about how often you're supposed to? I'm kind of getting the idea that maybe not, but is there any protocol about how often you're supposed to blog?

Debbie W: I think it depends on what you're blogging about. If you're trying to get some author recognition, you might want to be consistent about when you're blogging. And you want to be realistic. You don't want to start out and say, "I'm going to blog every day about every meal I ate and let people know." That's going to get pretty tedious and boring. And so again, what we want to stress is the enjoyment of writing. And if you want to write twice a week, fine. If you want to write twice a day and you have a lot to say, maybe that's okay. I don't know. I think again, it's what you want to do. Maybe you want to set up different blogs with different topics. I'm thinking about some things that I have a couple ideas swimming in my head, and I think it could be two different blogs. So yeah, I think there's no hard-fast rules on that.

Sunshine: Thanks.

Debbie W: And again, keep it fun. I think that's another point that we want to make tonight. Keep your writing fun and writing for yourself without the pressure of always wanting to get published. Unfortunately, we're ending up our session tonight. It's already past 8:00. If you can hold your thought for next month, maybe we can get to your questions. If they're very pressing, please email myself or Diane and we'll try and answer them. Again, my email address is warmon@hadley.edu. Diane, what's your email address?

Diane O: It's diane@hadley.edu.

Debbie W: Okay. And anybody that wants to send me their blog site to get on our website, so people can visit your blog, now if you want to send me your blog site, we'd be happy to post that in the show notes. Everybody, thank you tonight. We had so much good participation tonight and it's always exciting when we get everybody chatting together. I appreciate it. I appreciate the listeners. I hope you learned a lot from Lisa. Lisa, thank you again for joining us. We appreciate you. Okay Diane, send us off with a writing prompt.

Diane O: Okay. I'm taking this from the book, Five Minute Fictions by Roberta Allen, and here are two prompts. Write about a holiday or write about hope. This has been a lot of fun. Happy writing.

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Writer's Circle - A Blogging We Will Go Part 2

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