Assignment Submission Line

Hadley's Assignment Submission Line is a convenient way to submit your course assignments by phone right to your instructor.

How It Works

The Assignment Submission phone number is 1-847-386-5555. When you call, you will hear the following message:

"Welcome to Hadley's Assignment Submission Line. For general instructions on using this system, press 9. You may enter your instructor's extension number at any time. If you do not know your instructor's extension number, you may press 8 to listen to the entire instructor list, or press pound to use the dial-by-name directory."

This message will repeat until you make a selection. You can avoid having to listen to the entire message by keying in your instructor's extension. Refer to the list of instructor names and extension numbers below.

After you key in your instructor's extension, you will hear the instructor's greeting, followed by this message:

"If you are leaving an assignment submission, please make sure to record your name, the name of the course, the lesson number, as well as the best time to reach you by phone. At the tone, please record your assignment. When you are done, you may either hang up or press the pound key for more options."

You will hear the tone and can begin recording your assignment.

This is not a toll-free number.

Helpful Hints

Just before calling, you may want to practice saying your name, the title of your course, the assignment number, the phone number you'd like your instructor to use, and the best time they can call you back to go over your assignment.

Be familiar with your phone keypad so you'll be comfortable pressing the correct keys. Review the keys you'll be using.

Keep in mind that you will have to record the assignment in one sitting.

Unfortunately, there's no way to rewind and redo a mistake. But don't panic or worry about it. If you make a mistake or think you could do better, just say you want to start a section or line over again and go on from there.

You may want to listen to your recording before sending it. Press # once when you've finished recording, and then press 1. You'll hear your recording from beginning to end. When your recording ends, you'll hear the same menu choices as usual. If you liked what you heard, press pound, and the system will say: "Message sent."

If you're really not pleased with your recording and do not want your instructor to hear it, press #, followed by *. Your message will be discarded.

Quick Reference:

  • Hadley Assignment Submission Line: 1-847-386-5555.
  • Refer below to your instructor's assignment submission extension number or mailbox.
  • To begin recording: Listen to the message and wait for the tone.
  • To review your entire recording: Press 1.
  • To send your recorded assignment to your instructor: Hang up, or press # once after reviewing your recording, or twice if you have finished your recording and want to send it without reviewing.

Instructor Names

Mailbox Numbers

Donna Fridgant


Danette Johnson


Jennifer Ottowitz


Jessica Smith


Marta Whittington