Blinded Veterans


As part of the Hadley School's Blinded Veterans Initiative, Hadley staff members have compiled various resource lists and pieces of information of assistance to veterans. The resources are listed here for many reasons, including expanding on information shared in Hadley courses, giving up-to-date information, and sometimes just sharing topics of interest. We are committed to providing veterans with ongoing, relevant information, as well as improving learning experiences for current and prospective students.

The resources provided here are for your convenience. They do not constitute an endorsement for any specific product, service or website. Information on this page is subject to change between periodic updates. Please feel free to email to suggest relevant resources that you think would enhance this page.


View/Download a list of Skills List (RTF format)

View/Download a list of Career Categories (RTF format)

View/Download Disability-Related Limitations Checklist (RTF format)

View a list of archived Seminars@Hadley - Business, Employment and Vocational Skills

View a list of courses offered by Hadley's Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship

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View a list of archived Seminars@Hadley - Accessibility and Technology

View Additional Course Materials related to technology

View a list of Hadley's technology courses

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Independent Living

Guitars for Vets

View a list of archived Seminars@Hadley - Independent Living

View a list of archived Seminars@Hadley - Recreation and Leisure

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View/Download Braille Resource List (RTF format)

View Additional Course Materials related to braille

View a list of archived Seminars@Hadley - Braille Literacy

View a list of Hadley's braille courses

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General Veterans Resources

View/Download Veterans Benefits & Services Resource List (RTF format)

View/Download a resource list compiled by Easter Seals (RTF format)

Visit online resources compiled by Hadley's newest partner, The Blinded Veterans Association

VA Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST) Coordinators National Contact List

VA Blind Rehabilitation Outreach Specialists (BROS) National Contact List

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In addition, check out a complete list of courses available through Hadley's Adult Continuing Education Program and Resources section of this website.