Seminars@Hadley are the best! The technology seminars are especially relevant; the information I acquired helped me learn about my iPhone.
—Eileen, CA, 2014

Independent Living: Housekeeping

Overseeing household management and maintaining a clean and safe living area are essential to independence, but can seem especially daunting to someone who is visually impaired. Nonetheless, many tasks can be successfully accomplished with some techniques from a toolbox of 25 skills, described in this course. Whether caring for a dorm room, apartment, or house, these skills will enable a person who is visually impaired to competently care for his or her living environment and live more independently.
Note: this course does NOT replace training from a rehabilitation professional.
Course ID: LIV-161; Media: UEB, DTB, DTB-DL, LP or OL, Lessons: 2;

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