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Technology Requirements

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired is now using a new version of Talking Communities tcConference software for its popular Seminars@Hadley, interactive seminars on a variety of topics. If you wish to participate in this and all future Seminars@Hadley, you must install a new plug-in prior to the first login by following the link below.

Download and install the plug-in before logging in for the first time!

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher recommended, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, broadband internet connection, full duplex audio device, speakers, and microphone.

Note: Mac users can access the Mac-compatible web client on the seminar login page, which requires MacOS 10.4.10 or higher.

Seminars@Hadley Tutorial

The following is a quick tutorial on how to download the TCConference plug-in and how to use its basic features.

  1. Downloading the TCConference Plug-in
  2. Internet Explorer Users

    1. Once you have reached the login page for the Hadley lounge or the Hadley seminar, locate the link near the top of the page labeled, "Download and install the plug-in before logging in for the first time!" and press Enter.
    2. Press Alt+r to activate the "Run" button.
    3. After a few seconds you will likely receive a security message saying, "The publisher could not be verified..." This is a standard Windows security message. The TCConference plug-in is safe to download/install. Press Alt+r to continue.
    4. The installation should continue until finished. Press Enter on the "Finish" button when prompted. You will be returned to the login page. This plug-in needs to be installed only once.

    FireFox Users

    1. Once you have reached the login page for the Hadley lounge or the Hadley seminar, locate the link near the top of the page labeled, "Download and install the plug-in before logging in for the first time!" and press Enter.
    2. Wait a few seconds while FireFox opens the "Web Conference plug-in file", then tab to the "Save" button and press Enter.
    3. Press the Enter key again.
    4. You should receive a warning about executable files and asked if you are sure you want to launch the Web Conference Plug-in? The TCConference plug-in is safe to download/install. Press Enter on the "OK" button.
    5. After a few seconds you should receive a message that the publisher could not be verified. This is a standard Windows warning and does not mean that anything is wrong. Press Alt+r to continue.
    6. The installation wizard should start and the installation should proceed.
    7. When prompted, press Enter on the Finish button. You should be returned to the login web page. If not, press and hold down the Alt key and press the Tab key repeatedly until the login page is located, then the Alt key may be released.
    8. Type in your username and password and press Enter on the Login button. A window may open entitled "Launch Application" and you will be placed on the "Web Conference Plug-in". Press Enter and the application should launch and take you to the Hadley lounge.

  3. Microphone
  4. To use your microphone press and hold down either control key. After a second or two you should hear a blip in your speakers or headset which indicates that you may begin speaking. If you do not hear this blip, someone else is currently talking or has beaten you to the control key. Only one person may talk at a time.

    However, if you heard the blip and no one can hear you talk, take the following steps:

    Windows XP Users

    1. While remaining logged into the chat room open the File menu with Alt+f. If nothing happens, tab once and press Alt+f again.
    2. Type the letter m to locate "Microphone Settings" and press Enter.
    3. Locate the control labeled "Microphone Volume" by tabbing until found. This is a slide control. Press the Home key to set the volume to 100%. If you are told that you are too loud you can always set the microphone volume to a lower value by returning to this control and using your Up and Down arrow keys.
    4. Locate a check box labeled "Select" by pressing your tab key once. This box must be checked for the microphone to become active. Press the Space Bar to check this box if it is currently unchecked.
    5. Open the "Options" menu by pressing Alt+p and then exit "Microphone Settings" by pressing the letter x. Any changes should be saved by Windows and you should be returned to the lounge.

    Windows Vista/Windows7 Users

    1. Access the Windows system tray:
      Jaws: Insert+f11
      Window-Eyes: Insert+s
      If you are a mouse user then right single-click the Volume button in the lower-right corner of your screen and skip to step
    2. Select the "Volume" item by pressing the letter v but do not press enter.
    3. Select the "Single-right click" button by pressing tab once then pressing Enter and a context menu should open.
    4. Select the "Recording Devices" item by pressing the letter r.
    5. To ensure that the "Microphone/Line-in" item is selected, press the down arrow once.
    6. Access "properties" by pressing Alt+p.
    7. Locate the "Device Usage" combo box by tabbing until found and make sure that the "Use This Device" item is enabled. If not then press the Up arrow key to select it.
    8. Access the "Levels" page by pressing Control+tab.
    9. On the "Microphone/Line-in" slide volume control, use the Left/Right or Up/Down arrow keys to set the value. The higher the value, the louder your voice will be.
    10. If the microphone was already enabled, as explained in step 7, skip to step 1 However, if your microphone had been disabled and you had to enable it, to apply this change press Alt+a.
    11. Tab to the OK button and press the Enter key twice. You should now be back in the Hadley lounge.

    To cancel any changes, which returns the controls to their original values, press the Escape key twice. You are returned to the Hadley lounge.

  5. Creating and Reviewing Public Text Messages
  6. Creating and sending the message:
    1. Access the text message edit box by pressing f Your screen reader may only say "edit". If your screen reader is silent after pressing f8 then you are already in the edit box.
    2. Type your message.
    3. To send your message press Enter. The message will appear in the public message list window where any participant may read it.
    Viewing public messages:
    1. Move to the public message list window by pressing f
    2. Read the messages by pressing your Up or Down arrow keys. It is not necessary to press enter on a message to read it. Some messages may be on more than one line. If your screen reader only says "blank" when pressing the Up or Down arrow keys, press Alt+space bar, then type the letter x to maximize the screen and try the Up and Down arrows again

If you have any questions please email the Hadley helpdesk at:
or call the helpdesk at:
800-323-4238 Ext. 6690
Note: The Hadley helpdesk phone line is voice mail only.

You will receive a response within 24 hours, and on the day of a seminar the helpdesk email and voice mail are checked frequently.

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