Past Seminars

Travel, Recreation and Leisure

Low Vision Focus @ Hadley Presents: Knitting for Fun and Fulfillment

Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the National Parks

Blindfold Games

Let the Games Begin! Accessible Games on Your iDevice

Beep Kickball, A New Sport for Children with Visual Impairments

The Wonders of Water Gardening

Elements of Good Health

Adventure Sports

Grow Wild! Gardening with Native Plants

The American Blind Skiing Foundation

A Virtual Tour to Marvelous Melbourne: the Most Livable City Down Under

A Virtual Trip to the Windy City: Chicago, IL

Discovering Enchanting India: A Unique Experience

Geography: Talking Travel: Explore Alaska!

Geography: Talking Travel...Bell'Italia!

Geography: Talking Travel: So You Think You Know Canada, Eh?

Geography and Travel: My Big Fat Greek Seminar

Geography: Talking Travel - Discover the Treasures of Russia

Geography: Talking Travel: Cruising

Geography: Talking Travel - UK and Ireland

Geography: Talking Travel

The Independent Airport Traveler

On the Road Again: Travel Planning, Techniques and Tips

Braille Exchange: Braille for the Holidays

Getting in the Game: Athletics for People with Visual Impairments

Have a Great Thyme With Herbs

Crafting with Vision Loss

Holiday Crafts from Creation to Presentation

Sports for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Judo for Recreation and Self-Defense

Blind Woodworkers Workshop

Woodworking Roundtable

The Paralympics Experience

Sailing for Summer Fun

Everything Recreation

Operation Mission Vision - A Return to Normalcy through Sports and Physical Activity

Braille Music Technology

Ted Hull & The Wonder Years

Sports, Recreation and Physical Activities for People who are Blind and Visually Impaired

Five Fishing Techniques Proven to Make Sure You Feel the Bite!

Fishing: Don't Let the Big Ones Get Away!

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