Past Seminars

Independent Living

Meet Amazon Echo and Alexa

Low Vision Focus @ Hadley Presents: VisionAware: A Wealth of Resources

Why Community Service? What's in it for me?

Centers for Independent Living: What They Are and How They Can Help

Overcoming Adversity

An Interview with Art Schreiber

Deaf-Blind Face to Face Interaction

Movement, Mobility and More

Putting the "Grand" Back in Grandparenting

Get the Picture

Purchasing and Financing a Home

Retirement Planning

Self-Help Groups: Resources and Strategies

Safe and Savvy Travel: Tips and Tricks for Travelling in a Winter Wonderland

In Celebration of White Cane Safety Day

Blogging: 10 Tips to Get You Started

An Insider's Overview of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Volunteering in Your Community

Get Ready, Get Set, Study!

First Steps to a Financial Plan

Beyond the Working Years: Developing a Retirement Plan for Your Dog Guide

Bullying: Why Does it Happen And What Can We Do to Minimize its Impact?

Behind the Scenes at the Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic

Low Vision: What It Is and Maintaining Independence

The Ladies Lounge 3

The Ladies Lounge 2

The Ladies Lounge

The Men's Locker Room - For Men Only!

Underground Guide to Making College and Vocational Rehab Work for You

Blinded Veterans' Guide to the Military Justice System

All in the Family: How Their Reactions Impact Our Ability to Cope

Veterans Benefits: An Overview

Perfectionism in Relationships

Blueprint for Seamless Services: Building Blocks of Vision Rehabilitation

The Keys to Successful Nondriving

Decorating with Nature's Bounty: Ideas for Using Natural Elements for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Older Blinded Veterans and the Future

Transitioning From the Military to Society

Parenting Blind: Tips and Techniques from the Trenches

Reducing Risk of Diabetes Complications

Orientation & Mobility: The Basics

People Sense

Where Did I Put It?

Have You Looked in the Kitchen Drawer? (A Process/Sensory Approach to Rehabilitation)

Confidence You Can Count On

All About APH

Sleep, Light and Your Body Clock

Jumpstarting Your Social Life

Living Well With Diabetes & Visual Impairment

Dog Guides for Multiply Disabled People

Dog Guide Tales

Yes You Can: Harry Cordellos Tells How!

The Straight Skinny About Self-Esteem

Choosing A Rehabilitation Center

College Bound: Are you Ready?

Sharing Solutions: Strategies for Effective Socializing Whether at Work or Play

SSDI, SSI, & You

Shopping Without Dropping

Surviving: Strategies and Techniques for Self Defense

Low Vision Focus @ Hadley Presents: 1Touch Project: Vision Impairment and Self-Defense

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