Past Seminars

Business, Employment and Vocational Skills

Creative Writing: Blending The Creative With The Practical

Piano Technology for the Blind

Soft Skills for Staying Employed

Personality's Role in the Workplace

The Nature of Work is Changing. Are You Prepared?

Purchasing and Financing a Home

The Quest for QuickBooks

The Portfolio Career: A Fresh Approach to Employment

First Steps to a Financial Plan

The Three Magic Bullets of Marketing

Job Searching: The Importance of Personal Contact

Insights on Employment: Part Two

Insights on Employment: Part One

Addressing the White Elephant in the Room: When and How to Disclose During a Job Interview

Do You Have the Right Personality to be an Entrepreneur?

Ensuring Your Success at Work: An Inside Look at the Hiring Process

How to Start a Non-Profit

Blind Vendors: Understanding the Randolph Sheppard Program

People Sense

Who’s on 1st? The Importance of Strong Communication Skills

Teamwork: Skills and Characteristics of an Effective Team Leader

Business Roundtable with Urban Miyares: Inventions

Business Roundtable with Urban Miyares: Self-Promotion

Business Roundtable with Urban Miyares: Partnering with Friends and Family

Blindness on the Job

The Secrets of Writing Attention-Getting Resumes

The Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship Is Here for You!

Home-Based Self-Employment

Self-Employment: Practice Before You Jump In

Career Opportunities for Youth with Visual Impairments

The Secrets of Successful Job Interviews

What Research Tells Us About Obstacles for Blind Job Seekers & How They Overcome Them

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

The Art of Professionalism

Sharing Solutions: Strategies for Effective Socializing Whether at Work or Play

Self-Employment and Working from Home

The Customer Service Frame of Mind

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