Past Seminars

Braille Literacy

Braille Exchange: Have Fun with Braille Drawings

Braille Exchange: Braille -- Put It to Work for You!

Braille Exchange: Pairing the Refreshabraille and an iPad for a Taste of Classroom Success

Braille Exchange: The Changing Braille Code: How Did We Get to UEB and Why?

Braille Exchange: Braille for the Holidays

Braille Exchange: Enhancing Independence: Integrating Modern Technology and Braille

Braille Exchange: It's Never Too Late to Learn Braille

Braille Exchange: Drawing Pictures Using the Braillewriter

Braille Exchange

Braille and Technology: A Winning Combination for Life

The Lowdown on What's Up with Braille Literacy at Hadley

Remaining Literate in the Age of UEB

The Value of Braille in the Educational Toolbox

Toolbox for Braille Presentations

Fun with Braille

UEB & You: What You Need to Know About Unified English Braille

Braille Literacy - Hadley Style

The Slate and Stylus: Braille Media's Pen and Paper

Braille Music Technology

All About APH

The Braille Literacy Crisis

Connecting the Dots: Celebrating the Legacy of Louis Braille

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