Hadley's method really works. You can work at your own pace and fit your studies into your own schedule.
— Dennis, CA, 2014


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Instructional Videos

  • Abacus: How to perform math calculations on the abacus.
  • Digital Talking Book Player: How-to guide for the NLS player.

  • iFocus

    Using the vision accessibility features on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (Updated for iOS11)

    iPhone X VoiceOver Gestures

    What's New in iOS 11

    Exploring the Device

    Turning On & Off VoiceOver

    Setting Accessibility Shortcuts

    Beginning VoiceOver Gestures

    Advanced VoiceOver Gestures

    Using the Rotor

    Adding Elements to the Rotor

    Accessing the Control Center

    Adding Control Center Items (NEW in iOS11)

    Navigating the Notification Center

    Navigating the Today Screen (NEW in iOS11)

    Searching in Settings

    Arranging Apps

    Resetting Your iDevice

    Low Vision Features

    Exploring the Low Vision Settings

    Beginning Zoom Gestures

    Adjusting the Text Size

    Using the Magnifier

    Using the Magnifier Filters

    Setting Up Smart Invert

    Using the Speak Screen Feature

    Accessing the Zoom Quick Menus

    Accessing the Zoom Controller


    Placing and Receiving Phone Calls

    Checking Voicemail

    Sending a Text Message

    Sending an Audio Text Message

    Composing and Sending an Email

    Exploring the Email Action Features

    Adding a New Contact

    Using Siri to Perform Tasks

    Phone Calls with Siri

    Texting with Siri

    Reminders with Siri

    Walking Directions with Siri

    Web Browsing

    Searching in Safari

    Setting Bookmarks in Safari

    Using the Safari Reader

    Every Day Tasks

    Setting an Alarm

    Recording a Voice Memo

    Creating a Calendar Event

    Checking the Weather

    Setting Do Not Disturb

    Using the Timer

    Using the Stopwatch

    Using the World Clock

    How to Peek and Pop

    3D Touch on the Desktop

    Creating a Dropbox Account

    Exploring the Dropbox Interface

    Importing a File to Dropbox

    Sharing a Dropbox File


    Using the Voice Dream Reader App

    Using the KNFB-Reader

    Reading an iBook

    Using the BARD Mobile App iOS

    Pairing a Refreshable Braille Device


    Typing on your iDevice

    Exploring the Notes App

    Selecting, Copying and Pasting Text

    Using the Dictation Feature

    Handwriting in iOS


    Exploring the Music Library

    Creating a Music Playlist

    Exploring the TV App

    Turning On Audio Descriptions AutoPlay

    Finding Audio Descriptions in iTunes

    Exploring the News App

    Navigating the News "For You" Tab (NEW in iOS11)

    Adding Publications to News (NEW in iOS11)

    Searching and Downloading from the App Store

    Introducing Alex in iOS

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    iFocus Mac

    Using the vision accessibility features on a Mac desktop or laptop.

    iPhone X VoiceOver Gestures

    What's New in iOS 11

    Exploring the Mac

    Navigating the Desktop

    Accessing the Menu Bar

    Accessing the Menu Extras

    Navigating the Dock

    Exploring the Finder Window

    Managing Finder Files and Folders

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    These videos offer detailed explanations of problems to assist with your abacus studies. If you are not yet an abacus student, these videos demonstrate how efficiently math calculations can be performed on the abacus.

    iPhone X VoiceOver Gestures

    What's New in iOS 11

    Lesson 3: 2-Step Indirect Addition 47+8

    Lesson 3: 2-Step Indirect Addition 93+7

    Lesson 6: 2+ Digit Multiplier Single Digit Multiplicand 745X6

    Lesson 6: 2+ Digit Multiplier Single Digit Multiplicand 9,084X5

    Lesson 7: 1+ Digit Multiplier & Multiplicand 67X89

    Lesson 7: 1+ Digit Multiplier and Zero in Multiplier & Multiplicand 690X578

    Lesson 8: 1X3X6X24 Multiplication of a series of numbers

    Lesson 9: Subtracting with Zeroes 5,002-3,067

    Lesson 9: Whole Number Subtraction Problem 9,536-4,289

    Lesson 11: Problems Carried Out to a Decimal 5,727/6

    Lesson 11: Short Division with a Remainder 43,388/9

    Lesson 12: Long Division Problem 6,068/82

    Lesson 13: Trial Divisor & Upward Correction 37,060/436

    Lesson 14: Downward Correction 5,658/82

    Lesson 15: Divide with Decimals 241.2/5.36

    Lesson 15: Division of a Series of Numbers 59,904/78/64

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    NLS DTB Player

    This video offer detailed instructions for the use of your NLS Digital Talking Book Player.

    Using the NLS Advanced Digital Talking Book Player

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