Frequently Asked Questions

Effective June 9, 2017, the Hadley announces the closure of its High School Diploma Program to "NEW" enrollments. Please be aware that as an active student enrolled in the program prior to this date, you will be permitted to finish your studies. However, it is essential that you adhere to your official program completion date. No extensions will be granted. If you have not completed your coursework by the deadline established, you will be cancelled from the program. Please contact Anna Sechorz at or via telephone at 800-526-9909 if you are not aware of your expected completion date.

Does Hadley offer a GED course of study?

No. While some students take remedial level courses to freshen basic skills in preparation for the GED, with recent changes to the GED tests, many students feel Hadley's HS Program is a better choice for them.

How many credits do I need to earn my diploma?

We offer a general education diploma based on the completion of 16 Carnegie Units. Think of one Carnegie Unit as one full school year's (or two semester's) worth of coursework.

How much does it cost to take Hadley courses?

The courses we offer are tuition-free. There is no charge for course materials. Your time, commitment and dedication are the price you pay to earn your diploma.

Can I go on to college upon completion of the Hadley diploma program?

Many of our students earn their diplomas for personal enrichment or employment. Some go on to college level study. If you are preparing for post-secondary education, additional coursework from sources other than Hadley may be required.

Since Hadley is a distance education school, how will I receive my diploma?

Hadley holds an annual High School Graduation Ceremony complete with caps and gowns, a commencement speaker and more.

Can I obtain an official transcript of the courses I complete at Hadley?

Yes. Transcripts are available upon request by contacting Student Services.

If I don't know braille, can I still take the High School courses?

Yes. In addition to braille, most course materials are available in large print and audio. Courses will be sent to you through the mail. Courses are now becoming available online, as well.

Can I learn braille?

Yes. We offer several levels of braille instruction, ranging from beginning uncontracted braille through instruction for the experienced braille reader. View a list of Hadley's Braille Courses.

Do I have to take any entrance or exit tests?

While Hadley does not require standardized test scores for admission, prospective students in the HS Program must successfully complete an Entrance Assignment. To learn more, visit How to Get Started under Admissions.

An exit exam is not required for successful completion of the program.

How are assignments submitted?

Brailled, electronic format or typed assignments are required in most English courses. Audio or legible handwritten submission of assignments is accepted for many other courses.

Do you offer high school credited courses online?

Some High School Program courses are offered online. However, students are encouraged to submit all of their lesson assignments online.

How long does it take to complete a Hadley course?

Hadley courses generally contain between six and 10 lessons. The longest course has 30 lessons. Therefore, the time it takes to complete a course depends upon the length of the course and the determination of the student.

Students taking a course online or submitting assignments by email are expected to submit a lesson every two to four weeks. Students submitting assignments through the mail are expected to submit a minimum of one assignment per month.