Credit Options

Transferring Credit

Apply Previous High School Credit to Hadley

Hadley may award credit for previously earned units from high schools within the U.S. If you have earned any previous credit and would like for us to review your transcript, send a copy for consideration. Adjustments to our standard requirements will be made based upon credits accepted. If you would like additional information before you apply, contact Student Services at 800-526-9909 or email

The maximum amount of transferrable credit to Hadley's High School Program is 12. Students must earn at least 4 credits with us to earn a Hadley diploma.

Supplement Hadley Courses for Credit at Your Local School

If you are currently enrolled in your local high school program and wish to supplement your coursework with Hadley studies, complete the enrollment process for Hadley's High School Program.

While Hadley's accredited program has been widely accepted, we ask that you obtain approval from your local school officials regarding the courses and credits you wish to transfer prior to beginning the enrollment process. We also ask that you provide written or verbal verification of the course approval to Hadley.

Note: The transfer of Hadley's Carnegie Unit Credit to a high school program is at the discretion of local school officials.

Earning a Hadley High School Diploma is an option for those students who:

  • Have not obtained a high school diploma
  • Are age 14 or older
  • Are U.S. residents
  • Are able to understand courses written in English at the high school level

To earn a diploma from Hadley, you are required to complete 16 Carnegie Units:

  • English 3 units.
  • Math 2 units.
  • Science 2½ units.
  • Social Studies 2 units.
  • Vocational Ed ½ unit.
  • Foreign Language/Art/Music ½ unit.
  • Electives 5½ units

Total: 16 units

Note: If you are preparing for post-secondary education, additional coursework from sources other than Hadley may be required.