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Online Courses

Hadley offers the following FE courses online. Students can access these courses via their personal computers.

Accounting for Small Business

Basic Nemeth Code

Braille and Your Baby or Toddler

Braille Assessment for Nemeth Code

Braille Teaching Methods Adolescents/Adults (F)

Braille Teaching Methods for Children

Business Ethics

Contracted Braille, UEB Edition

Customer Service Basics

Early Independence

Guide Dogs

Human Eye 1

Human Eye 2

Introduction to Braille, UEB Edition

Introduction to Low Vision and Adults

Low Vision and School-Age Children

Market Research

Parenting Children with Multiple Disabilities

Taxes for Small Business

The Business Plan

The Financial Plan

The Marketing Plan

Transitioning from School Years to Adult Services

Transitioning to Unified English Braille

Uncontracted Braille Assessment