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The following is a list of seminars and lectures previously recorded at Hadley. They can be accessed online from the convenience of your home or office or "on the go" on your mobile device!

One-on-One With Urban Miyares

Former Director of the Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship Tom Babinszki sits down "one-on-one" with Urban Miyares, President of the Disabled Businesspersons Association, to ask a series of twenty-one business and entrepreneurship questions for the blind and visually impaired.

The following is the list of audio recordings for each conversation. Simply activate the links to listen to them or right-click on the links and then select Save Target As or Save Link As to download them.

Question #1: "How and Why Did You Get Into Starting a Business?"
Urban shares his personal history and how it led him into entrepreneurship.

Question #2: "Why Should People with Visual Impairment Consider Self-Employment?"
Urban discusses the concept of self-employment and its benefits and challenges.

Question#3: "What Type of Personality Do You Need to Succeed in Self-Employment, and Is It For Everyone?"
Urban outlines basic personality types and the need to emphasize different personality traits depending upon the business situation.

Question#4: "Is It Possible to Change Your Personality?"
Urban presents his thoughts on understanding your own personality prior to making changes.

Question#5: "How Do You Get the Money Needed to Bring Your Idea to the Market?"
Urban discusses obtaining financing and the need to do your analytical "homework" prior to meeting with potential investors.

Question#6: "Should I Buy an Existing Business, Rather Than Starting One?"
Urban lays out the benefits and challenges of acquiring an existing business.

Question#7: "How Do You Go About Finding the Right Business to Start Or Purchase?"
Urban presents the important points to consider when considering what business is right for you.

Question#8: "What Are the Specific Skills Needed to Successfully Run a Business?"
Urban outlines skills he feels are crucial for the visually impaired to master in order to be successful in business.

Question#9: "Are There Different Stages Businesses Go Through?"
Urban discusses how businesses transition through different stages and presents a "hierarchy of businesses."

Question#10: "How Do You Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?"
Urban shares his personal insights on getting started in public speaking and building your communication skills.

Question#11: "What Does It Take To Be Successful in the Non-Profit Sector?"
Urban considers the benefits and challenges of the non-profit sector as a vehicle for self-employment.

Question#12: "What Are the Career Tracks for Which the Blind and Visually Impaired Are Particularly Well Suited?"
Urban states his ideas about career tracks and the need to select a field which matches your personality.

Question#13: "What Is the Role of Technology in Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship?"
Urban explains some of the exciting developments in technology and how they are expanding opportunities for the blind and visually impaired.

Question#14: "How Do You Choose the Right Partner to Work With?"
Urban points out some of the key considerations of selecting and working with partners.

Question#15: "How Can the Blind and Visually Impaired Improve Their Ability to Network Effectively With Others?"
Urban shares some pointers on "working a room" to improve your ability to network effectively.

Question#16: "What Type and Level of Education Do I Need to be Successful in Business?"
Urban discusses the value of education, both formal and informal, for the prospective entrepreneur.

Question#17: "How Do I Keep Up With Happenings in the Business World?"
Urban presents some recommendations for books and periodicals he finds helpful in staying current with the world of business.

Question#18: "Should I Have a Support Group, and If So, How Do I Start One?"
Urban shares his thoughts on the benefits and challenges of support groups and the use of mentors.

Question#19: "What Are the Trade-Offs Involved With Owning a Business"
Urban outlines some of the trade-offs that come with owning a business, and discusses the "dark side" of business ownership.

Question#20: "What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Owning a Business?"
Urban explains the long-term personal benefits of business ownership.

Question#21: "What Are the Best Types of Businesses For Those Simply Looking to Supplement Their Income?"
Urban discusses some types of businesses that he believes work well for those who are not ready for full self-employment or just wish to supplement their present income.

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