Email Group

The Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship is operating an email group for blind and visually impaired entrepreneurs and business owners.

It is a conventional mailing list, where members can discuss any aspects of starting and running a business by posting questions or responses. In addition, we highly encourage list members to use these contacts for networking among each other. We will also post FCE related announcements on the list.

In order to join, please send an email request to: You will then receive a message to verify your email address. Simply reply to this message and send back to the group.

Currently your request for joining this group needs to be submitted to the moderator for approval. When the moderator approves your request you will receive another email message to confirm that you have been successfully added to the mailing list. We do not allow automatic submission in order to minimize spam.

If you are not getting any emails from the list, please check your junk/spam mail folder.

Once you become a list member, you can post a message by sending an email to: Messages also have to be approved by the moderator before being distributed to other members. The moderator will only filter spam messages and approve all appropriate emails.