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Premier Visual Voice, LLC

Business Story

Premier Visual Voice was founded by a result of captioning training. It was a two-year court reporting program. The company was developed so that I can utilize my skills to assist the deaf community in participating in events within the digital and non-digital world. I am also qualified to be a freelance or official court reporter: although, not many court reporting services are provided by my company to this point.

My business today is in a transitional period of acquiring new clients in order to grow the business within the next three to five years. I see the business growing to the point where I can offer other communication access services within the digital and non-digital world.

Business Advantage

I really never thought about what it means to me, except that I thought it was so very cool that being blind, I can help someone who is deaf to succeed and fully participate with communication; otherwise, they would not be able to do so.

Any advantages and disadvantages of being a blind business owner would be the same as for a sighted business owner. That is my opinion.

Business Advice

Just do it! Don't let anything stand in your way. There are many assistive technologies that can help with research and development, daily functions that need to be addressed in your business and be very diligent in whatever you decide to do.

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