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Fresh Outlook Coach help's people with disabilities see that there is life after becoming disabled. I help people set goals then break them down into obtainable steps that I hold them accountable for. I like to say I help people dream again and help them reach their dreams. I do this through both individual one on one coaching and online programs. I have just started a 2 day intensive for families if newly disabled people since disability affects the whole family. We take 2 days with the family either by phone or Skype or go through exercises and work through any misconceptions the family may have. This makes it so much easier on everyone to make the transition.

I also offer services for people working through grief. Since the two are closely related there is even some overlap at times. But the grief coaching is its own program. I am starting a group program soon since I feel that there is healing in numbers and shared experience.

Business Advantage

I am glad to have the time to dedicate to my own company. The advantages when you have your own company is that you do not have to deal with transportation. Plus you can do it as telecommuting.

Business Advice

Network as much as possible with different professionals in the blindness field from different states if possible. Use the habits of mind managing your impulsivity, be persistent, and metacognision meaning thinking about thinking. Also before you start your own company make sure that you have the time to devote to it. As when you are a company it is a 24 7 job.

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