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I started my company in December of 2009 because I saw that the blind and visually impaired did not know what kind of resources were available to them in their own state. This way everything would be all in one place and they would not have to go through a bunch of different websites to find information that they are seeking whether that would be housing, transportation and employment just to name a few.

Business Advantage

I am glad to have the time to dedicate to my own company. The advantages when you have your own company is that you do not have to deal with transportation. Plus you have all the tools right there that you need to get those different tasks accomplished whether that would be a 4 track tape recorder, a PC computer with a screen reader such as Jaws(Job Access With Speech).

Business Advice

Network as much as possible with different professionals in the blindness field from different states if possible, such as ACB NFB Presidents, teachers of the blind and visually impaired, NOPBC Presidents just to name a few. Use the habits of mind managing your impulsivity, be persistent, and metacognition meaning thinking about thinking. Also before you start your own company make sure that you have the time to devote to it. When you own a company it is a 24 7 job.

If you live in a state that does not have good transportation and you want to work, your best bet is to try and find a job that is telecommuting meaning that you work from home. The more you network the better, as that is how you are going to get contacts. Another thing to do is to try and go to the different conventions such as CSUN, the ACB and NFB state conventions. As when you go to these conventions you can check out the exhibit halls and get different business cards from the various vendors. Plus this gives you the opportunity to see what products for the blind and visually impaired are available. You should also check ACB Radio from time to time as they sometimes stream the different state conventions. Another way that you can network is to get on different email lists that have to do with the blind and visually impaired.

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