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Cre8tive Media Design Firm Inc

Business Story

I decided in high school I wanted to work for myself. I worked as a substitute teacher through the Gwinnett County Public School System and Tax Examiner for Internal Revenue Service previously. After several work related experiences of not being truly fulfilled in the traditional work world, I thought I would take a leap of faith in 2013 and work full time as a graphic designer and move my business out of my home into a commercial office. Almost three years out and working to build a solid foundation so that I may create jobs that empower and build value. I didn't find that for myself in the work world being visually impaired because it was difficult to work at the same pace as sighted peers. The treatment was disheartening, because I wanted to use the resources from my 9-5 work to move to self-employment and was discouraged. I just kept working a little at a time towards this goal and finally put it in action, here I am!

Business Advantage

The advantages were being able to create a position for myself that would allow me to soar in the skills I possessed. I went to college for graphic design and I used my skills daily to get better. Even when not working in the field I found a way to use my graphic design training to express myself.

So the perfect position would allow me to use my organization and creative skills to generate income. As I design logos and marketing materials for others, whether it be print or online content, I truly fill like I have a purpose.

The initial disadvantages are not being able to see visual cues at a distance in networking events and finding a way to work with clients without making a fuss about my visual impairment. However, what I have learned is people are not looking for shortcomings in my business, but elevations and ways the work can provide solutions to their visual communications problems. With that in mind I address my audiences in intake meetings and networking events as such. This way its no longer about me but how I can help them.

Business Advice

Follow your heart, create a plan, gather resources, use what you have and put your plan in motion. The longer you wait, the more you will regret it. We have to be true to ourselves and try. Fear is paralyzing but if we don't try, we will live in fear forever. Think about what if it works out?

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