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Diabetic Shoes Hub, LLC

Business Story

The Diabetic Shoes Hub began in 2008 as a part-time operation when the owner saw a need for diabetic and therapeutic shoes. Being a caregiver for his grandmother and taking her to a monthly podiatrist appointment, he realized that there was a large audience that needed comfort footwear.

By serving as an online retailer for diabetic shoes, the company is able to reach a larger audience, as well as people located in more rural areas that are not in close proximity to a podiatrist or shoe fitting store.

The Diabetic Shoes Hub hopes to continue serving not only its diabetic audience, but anyone with problem feet that is looking for a comfortable pair of shoes.

Business Advantage

I am colorblind. I always thought that this was how the world was supposed to look. Even though this visual impairment is nowhere near as severe as complete blindness, I can only begin to emphasize with the different tasks that seem relatively simple but become challenges when blind. My color blindness has truly allowed me to emphasize with my customer base which is one of our core values: helping people and loving others.

Business Advice

Having a sense of compassion and empathy will develop lasting relationships with your clients.

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