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Barbara Clements & Associates, Inc

Business Story

Over the years I focused learning this complex area of speciality. I have Aspbergers so it was a challenge to say the least. My mother however refused to trat me different and told me if I focused I could do anything. Up until 2012 I ran a profitable and successful business. Once I lost my vision, it was another opportunity for challenge. Now I have to learn how to handle a business without vision. I believe I can continue but will need to adjust my process to include functionging with access technology. Today we have restructured and will partner with others who have been through this life changing event.

Business Advantage

Being a blind business owner means that I am an ambassador for all of those with the same thing going on. I have been awed by those who are blind from birth and those who have gone before me with visual loss who have dealt with this longer than me. The grace, confidence and competence! There is no way I would say "I can't" or a disadvantage exists. It may take me longer to do what I used to do, but it is not insurmountable with a little guidance, education and a lot of practice.

Business Advice

You can do anything if you believe it and you network with others for education and guidance!

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