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I have been an addiction counselor, therapist and social worker for over 20 years. I have seen the frustration of chronic pain clients unable to get adequate quality of life improvement through traditional medicine, and I knew there were other things that I could do, but were outside the scope of my license and my employers' requirements. With years of experience in the field, an independent licensure and my own practice, I can now offer the type and quality of care that clients want.

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A disadvantage I feel is that colleagues don't take you seriously because of the visual impairment, one advantage is it gives one an ability to fine tune other sensory skills, such as auditory e.g.; like really hearing someone, especially intonation and inflections to assess meaning. This skill also translates well to teletherapy, where the visual quality is never going to be the same as face to face, but intonations and pauses still can come through quite clearly.

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Network and persevere!

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