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A3 Freight Payment

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A3 Freight Payment is a new venture. It was started by a group of freight payment industry veterans. Our entire team has worked in the industry for many years and we were all in senior management or the executive group of AIMS Logistics. AIMS Logistics was purchased by a strategic competitor in October of 2007. Our team remained with the successor organization in assorted roles for varying timeframes. In the interim, we worked on the structure and founding of A3 Freight Payment.

In the last four years since the previous company was sold, there has not been a "better mousetrap" introduced in freight payment. We sincerely believe that what we are bringing to the market will serve the most fundamental needs of our potential customers, large volume shippers.

We started full time on April 2nd of this year. We secured our first customer in just one month which is six months ahead of our business plan. Also, we have been invited to participate in an RFI for the business of an exceedingly large technology company. This was also ahead of schedule.
We are fortunate to have committed capital equal to about three years' worth of operating expenses based upon our current burn rate.

We hope the future brings a growth trajectory as good as or better than the one which we experienced at our previous company. We feel that that our experience will allow us to do what that company did, yet better and faster.

Business Advantage

Certainly having to use screen magnifiers and other tricks is no picnic. However, having my condition since birth has allowed me to learn how to do things, and I feel that learned compensation and adaptation skills have helped along the way with visual challenges.

Travel can be especially daunting. As a visually impaired speaker once noted, "You realize that the difference between a Men's room sign and Women's room sign is a freakin' half-inch triangle!" (Personally, my fail safe is urinals. If I don't see any within a few seconds, I must be in the wrong place.) Nevertheless, I have traveled globally and succeeded by being hyper-organized.

You can navigate the Singapore subway system if you already have the route written down. In foreign countries, you always write down your hotel address and have the paper in your pocket for the cab driver. You learn to ALWAYS check the board behind the gate agent to make CERTAIN you have the right gate. Most importantly, you learn to ask the right questions, quickly and concisely.

I should say that a major advantage is that even the most name-challenged professional will remember you if you have stark white hair, ice blue eyes, and a pallid complexion. I automatically stand out in a crowd! This is important given how many names and faces the average customer has to remember. There are definite perks to being "that company with the albino" in many cases.

Business Advice

We have a saying here in the south. . . "Dance with the one who brung ya." If you are starting a business and nervous about success being limited by your visual disability, remember that you have gotten to this point in your life by using skills and techniques to compensate and overcome your disabilities. Nothing has changed. You can use those same approaches when you are a business owner. Do not panic and think that you must reinvent your approach. You don't.

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