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Blind Access Training

Business Story

I began this business venture after becoming certified at I thought offering training for folks where he or she would not have to leave their homes would be helpful, so the client will not have to rely on transportation. My business has been open for two-years and we are still growing and have the otential for reaching more customers.

As far as the future is concerned, We hope to play a huge role in the transitioning faze for individuals who are leaving one screen reader to another, graduating high school and starting college. The major advantage we possess is that we work live one-on-one with our clients via our online classroom and we thrive on providing quality service training for those who need it.

Business Advantage

I take great pride in being a business owner. Blind people receive enough criticism as is being blind or vision impaired. At the end of the day it is more rewarding for me to know my business helped someone learn a skill to get him or her through college, create a website which might help the person start his or her own business. The advantage I believe we have is that we can work with clients nationwide as long as the recipient has an internet connection and we provide training without the person needing to leave their homes. The disadvantage is money and a large group of individuals working for our team. We are a two person website and we can only reach out to so many people but we will serve as many interested clients.

Business Advice

I would say realistically set your goals, have a backup plan and do not become over-confident. The hard work will pay off in the end and if your idea doesn't work at first, do not feel discouraged and try another idea. Always reinvent yourself.

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