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Settled In - Home Search and Relocations Services, Tasmania

Business Story

Settled In Pty Ltd is the company I set up with my wife. We are both born and bred Tasmanians but had lived out of the state for a number of years. On deciding to relocate back to Tasmania in 2011 we became interested in establishing a business to help others do the same. Before the move to Tasmania we spent several months developing the business plan, services and website so that we could launch the business as soon as we moved to Tasmania. Settled In commenced operations in September 2011 and provides relocation services to those moving to Tasmania and also home search services for those already in Tasmania who wish to purchase a new property. We anticipate that the business will remain small and focused on Tasmania.

Business Advantage

I have owned businesses previously and have found that it was enjoyable and rewarding and provided a sense of autonomy. Being the owner of a business means that I can undertake work that suits my capabilities and interests while other tasks can be done by others.

Business Advice

My businesses have always involved a partner and this helps to ensure that between us all tasks and responsibilities can be achieved.

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