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Victory Associates LTD, Inc

Business Story

My business was started in 1989 selling office supplies; however, it was not doing well. I barely made any sales as I could not compete against big merchants like Office Depot and Office Max who have big stores where anyone can go and browse through their product listings.

Business Advantage

I am driven by the need to be somewhat "substantially gainfully employed" as a blind person to use the government's cliche. This will reduce my dependence on SSDI or SSI for survival. In addition, I am TAPPING DEEPPLY into my pool of talents and skills which I may not have been able to put to work to their full potentials had I not decided to go into business for myself.

Business Advice

First, be strong and courageous!! Sounds too biblical, but if you are neither strong or courageous, then please DO NOT go into business for yourself as a blind person; find someone to partner with or find a job elsewhere.

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