Enrollment Application

Effective June 9, 2017, the Hadley announces the closure of its High School Diploma Program to "NEW" enrollments. Please be aware that as an active student enrolled in the program prior to this date, you will be permitted to finish your studies. However, it is essential that you adhere to your official program completion date. No extensions will be granted. If you have not completed your coursework by the deadline established, you will be cancelled from the program. Please contact Anna Sechorz at Anna@hadley.edu or via telephone at 800-526-9909 if you are not aware of your expected completion date.

Each course listing includes course title, a brief description, course number, available course formats, number of lessons and credit. The Web site lists detailed course descriptions, lesson by lesson objectives and, in many cases, a sample lesson and assignment.

  • Determine which of the four program areas you should enroll in. If unsure, visit the Program page to read about each program.
  • Note any prerequisites for the courses you are considering.
  • Complete an enrollment application, providing all information related to your program selection. An incomplete application will slow down the enrollment process. If the question does not apply to you, mark it NA (not applicable).
  • Submit applications by email, mail or fax. To expedite the enrollment process, submit the application on our website.
  • Most applications are processed within two business days from the date the application and any required documentation are received.

If you need more detailed information, contact Student Services. If you need technical assistance during the enrollment process, contact help desk at helpdesk@Hadley.edu or call 800-323-4238 ext 6690.

Online Applications