Board of Trustees

Governance by our Board of Trustees has proven vital to the amazing success of Hadley. Trustee stewardship has extended the gift of education to blind individuals and their support network throughout the world.


Scott B. Dickes

Louise A. Holland
Immediate Past Chair

Thomas C. Denison

Julie S. Tye

Brooke Voss
Vice President


Larry A. Barden

Sarah B. Barden

Steven V.L. Brown, M.D.

Barbra Bukovac

Teresa R. Cannon

Judith B. Castellini

Stephen C. Coley

Linda R. Crane

Dewey B. Crawford

Jeanne M. Denison

Thomas C. Denison

Scott B. Dickes

Terry M. Faulk

Sandra C. Forsythe

Paul Gallo

Louis S. Harrison

Stace A. Hilbrant

Louise A. Holland

William T. McClain

Gordon Montgomery

Lynne D. Montgomery

Suzanne M. Parks

Betsey L. Puth

Bradley E. Rendell

Garrick M. Rice

Juergen M. Stark

Mark F. Stephan

Julie S. Tye

Allen A. Weaver

Jeffrey L. Willian

Life Trustees

Mary B. Babson

Nancy L. Bodeen

Byram E. Dickes

Suzanne H. Dickes

Thomas A. Donahoe

Elizabeth E. George

Raymond E. George, Jr.

Charles A. Horstmann

Nancy B. Jones

Joan F. Kasten

Katherine S. Kelsey

Jon R. Lind

Gwen J. McConnaughy

Robert P. McNeill

John W. Puth

Frank A. Rossi

Rosita M. Schloss

Robert F. Seebeck

Dorothy J. Speidel

James H. Stone

Marilynn J. Thoma

Clyde F. Willian