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Hadley's faculty is comprised of highly qualified professionals who specialize in providing instruction to people with visual impairment from a distance. This well credentialed, diverse group of instructors is available to offer students individualized attention and support throughout the learning process.

Students are assigned to a specific instructor for each course and will receive one-on-one instruction. Your instructor is available to answer any of your course related questions and help guide you through the assignments.

Pamela Bortz

W. Scott Cass

Susan Fisher

Donna Fridgant

Leeanne Frydrychowicz

Deborah Good-Krochock

Edwin Haines

Donna Hernandez

Ginger Irwin

Randy Morgan

Larry Muffett

Jennifer Ottowitz

Vileen Shah

Debbie Siegel

Linn Sorge

Angie Sveum

James Thoune

Pam Winters

Debbie Worman

Colleen Wunderlich

Follow these guidelines when contacting your instructor by email:

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