ACE Program Course Listing

Media Codes:
B = English Braille American Edition
C = Cassette
CD = Audio CD
D = Download
DTB = Audio (real voice) Digital Talking Book, mailed on a standard USB plug-and-play device
DTB-DL = Audio (real voice) Digital Talking Book, downloadable from web
EB = eBook Download
LP = Large Print
OL = Online
P = Regular Print
UEB = Unified English Braille

Assessments and Diagnostics

ACE Entrance Assignment

Braille Placement Assessment

English Diagnostic Assessment

Internet Skills Assessment

Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment


Basic English Skills 1

Basic English Skills 2

Elements of Poetry

English Composition


Spelling: Word Study

Literature Series

Literature: Drama

Literature: Fiction

Literature: Nonfiction


Abacus 1

Abacus 2

Practical Math 1

Practical Math 2

Pre-Algebra 1

Pre-Algebra 2

Algebra, Part 1

Algebra, Part 2


Physical Science

Life Science

Earth and Space Science


History and Social Studies

American Government

U. S. History: Discovery to the Jacksonian Era

U. S. History: The Nineteenth Century

U. S. History: World Wars

U. S. History: Post-World War Years

World History

Braille and Braille Readiness

Hadley is in the process of redeveloping its braille reading and writing instructional courses. Revised courses reflecting the newly adopted Unified English Braille (UEB) and are being activated as they become available. Check with Student Services if you have any questions.

The following courses remain available:

Using Raised Markers

Braille Literacy 1: Tactile Readiness for Braille

Braille Literacy 2: Learning the Braille Alphabet

Braille Literacy 3: Uncontracted Braille, UEB Edition

Braille Music Reading

Braille Music Reading: Keyboard Music

Braille Music Reading: Vocal Music

Experience Braille Reading

The Essentials of the Nemeth Code

Everyday Reading in UEB

Transitioning to Unified English Braille

Independent Living

Independent Living: The Beginnings

Independent Living: Orientation and Mobility Basics

Independent Living: Socializing and Dining

Independent Living: Clothing Care & Dressing Confidently

Independent Living: Personal Care

Independent Living: Cooking

Independent Living: Housekeeping

Independent Living: Basic Home Maintenance

Going Places

Guide Dogs

Managing Personal Finances

Personality Psychology

Personal Safety: Self-Defense Strategies

Staying Safe: Emergencies and Disasters

Self-Esteem and Adjusting with Blindness

Self-Help Groups: An Introduction

Self-Help Groups: Advanced Topics

Get Ready, Get Set, Study!

Effective Listening

Eye Related

Diabetes: Toward Self-Management


Macular Degeneration

Human Eye 1

Human Eye 2

Parenting Series

Parenting: Early Years

Parenting: Infancy

Parenting: Preparation


Conversational Spanish 1

Conversational Spanish 2


Enjoying Birdsongs

Chess for Beginners

Chess: Principles and Strategies

Container Gardening

Stress Relief and Meditative Gardening


Developing Your Technology Tool Kit

Internet Basics

Typing and Keyboarding

Using Excel

Screen Readers: Formatting Word Documents

Screen Readers: Listening Skills

Web Browsing Basics

Strategies to Connect with Social Media

Business Concepts and Skills

Finding Employment

Business Fundamentals

Business Communications

Business Writing

Business Law 1

Business Law 2

Leadership and Management 1

Leadership and Management 2

Forsythe Center for Entrepreneurship

Self-Employment with a Minimal Investment

Market Research

The Marketing Plan

The Financial Plan

The Business Plan

Business Insurance

Forms of Ownership

Accounting for Small Business

Taxes for Small Business

Obtaining Financing

Networking Skills

Customer Service Basics

The Basics of Sales

Marketing: Finding Customers and Clients

Marketing: Conveying a Message

Marketing: Matching Products to Customers

Marketing: Creating an Image

Marketing: Promotional Materials

How to Make Money as a Writer

Business Ethics

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