Seminars@Hadley are the best! The technology seminars are especially relevant; the information I acquired helped me learn about my iPhone.
—Eileen, CA, 2014

Past Seminars

Travel, Recreation and Leisure

Low Vision Focus @ Hadley Presents: Knitting for Fun and Fulfillment

Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the National Parks

Blindfold Games

Let the Games Begin! Accessible Games on Your iDevice

Beep Kickball, A New Sport for Children with Visual Impairments

The Wonders of Water Gardening

Elements of Good Health

Adventure Sports

Grow Wild! Gardening with Native Plants

The American Blind Skiing Foundation

A Virtual Tour to Marvelous Melbourne: the Most Livable City Down Under

A Virtual Trip to the Windy City: Chicago, IL

Discovering Enchanting India: A Unique Experience

Geography: Talking Travel: Explore Alaska!

Geography: Talking Travel...Bell'Italia!

Geography: Talking Travel: So You Think You Know Canada, Eh?

Geography and Travel: My Big Fat Greek Seminar

Geography: Talking Travel - Discover the Treasures of Russia

Geography: Talking Travel: Cruising

Geography: Talking Travel - UK and Ireland

Geography: Talking Travel

The Independent Airport Traveler

On the Road Again: Travel Planning, Techniques and Tips

Braille Exchange: Braille for the Holidays

Getting in the Game: Athletics for People with Visual Impairments

Have a Great Thyme With Herbs

Crafting with Vision Loss

Holiday Crafts from Creation to Presentation

Sports for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Judo for Recreation and Self-Defense

Blind Woodworkers Workshop

Woodworking Roundtable

Woodworking Techniques- Selecting and Using Routers and Router Tables

Sawdust 101 - Adaptive Techniques for Blind Woodworkers

The Paralympics Experience

iReading on the iPad and iPhone Using the Bookshare Read2go App

Sailing for Summer Fun

Everything Recreation

Operation Mission Vision - A Return to Normalcy through Sports and Physical Activity

Braille Music Technology

Ted Hull & The Wonder Years

Sports, Recreation and Physical Activities for People who are Blind and Visually Impaired

Five Fishing Techniques Proven to Make Sure You Feel the Bite!

Fishing: Don't Let the Big Ones Get Away!

Fishing with Lawrence Euteneier on the Blind Fishing Boat

Skiing the fun and safe way

Recreation from Watching T.V. to Mountain Climbing

Harvest the Benefits of Gardening

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