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HS Enrollment Application

Please carefully review the course description before completing and submitting the HS Enrollment Application. You will need to include course name, number and medium to complete the form. Our website lists detailed course descriptions, lesson-by-lesson objectives and, in many cases, a sample lesson and assignment. Access Course Details to obtain this information.

Students interested in taking Hadley courses to supplement credit at their local high schools must obtain approval from their school's administration prior to submitting the enrollment application. Therefore, a review of the Course Details is required.

Most applications are processed within two business days from the date the application and any required documentation is received. If you do not receive a response from Student Services regarding your enrollment status within two weeks after your application is submitted, contact Student Services.

If you need additional information, contact Student Services. If you need technical assistance during the enrollment process, contact our help desk at helpdesk@Hadley.edu or call 800-323-4238 ext 6690.

Online Application

Downloadable Application and Eye Report

To properly view the PDF version, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.